The Mumum Co – Reimagining snacking for India’s children

Packaged food often finds itself with a bad reputation amongst health conscious consumers, especially those with young children. Farah Nathani Menzies and Shreya Lamba, our co-founders at The Mumum Co, were no exception to this when they became parents. They began to carefully read ingredient labels and nutrition tables as they looked for safe and healthy snacks for kids for their own young children.

They noticed two things – 1) That kids seemed to want to eat lots of small meals often (ie they snack a lot!) 2) The options for ready-to-eat, natural, preservative-free snacks for kids in India were non-existent. When they travelled abroad they were able to find sugar-free, additive-free, yummy and yet healthy options. However they were disappointed with the snacks for kids on shelves in India. “So we decided to create our own range of healthy snacks for kids and this has been a labor of love starting from slow baking fruit in our kitchen and sharing it with our friends to launching The Mumum Co in September 2017!” says Farah Nathani Menzies.

The Mumum Co is one of the first companies in India focusing on serving the market for healthy snacks specially made for children. While the healthy snacks segment overall has had some innovation, the children’s food market in India has remained niche. Health conscious parents are served by imported international brands and lack an Indian trust-worthy, ready-to-eat easy snacks for kids options. This is precisely the gap that we aim to fulfill.

“We wanted to build something that a mother feels she can trust. Something that children can read. Something with simple ingredients – nothing you can’t pronounce.  No added nonsense. No junk.” Says Shreya as she explains the motivation behind the clean label and their decision to stay away from any added sugar and preservatives.

Our range of healthy snacks for kids focuses on fruit, vegetables and multi-grains with eye-catching labeling and packaging. The “Mighty-Melties” are freeze-dried fruit blends that are essentially a “smoothie in a bag”.  The “Cool Crunchies” and “Super Sprinklies” are made of roasted, locally-sourced super grains like ragi, jowar and barley flavored with fruit powders. The Mumum Co. is available online all over India and in various stores such as Godrej Nature’s Basket, Big Basket & Foodhall across 6 cities – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.  We also have exciting new innovations in the pipeline – watch this space for updates.