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No Secrets, Snacks for Kids

How did The Mumum Co. get its name?
As you may know, “mumum” is the universal word for food used by young children all over the country. Our own little ones would run around the house demanding “mumum” whenever the hunger pangs hit. Given that our children have been our inspiration on this journey we knew there could not be a better name for the company we wanted to create!
Why did we start our journey?
When we became parents, we began to delve into the world of food and nutrition in an effort to help our children grow into healthy, happy and strong little beings. However, when we looked at the shelves around us and read the labels on packages, we saw that the ingredients were often undecipherable. It felt like we would need a PhD to understand what was going into our “food”! We were inspired to change this and offer parents around the country natural and healthy options. This is why our ingredients are “easy to read and even easier to eat”. We promised to hold ourselves to a higher standard in our offerings!
Who helps us develop our products?

We work with a team of partners - food technologists, food manufacturers, nutritionists and testers to help create a range of healthy and wholesome snacks for children. Shreya, our Co-Founder, loves tinkering in The Mumum Snack Lab where we create our first recipes before taking them to our partners to help us perfect them and bring them to a shelf near you!

Taste-testing is a critical phase of product development and we have to give thanks to the mamas and children who have supported us with our early prototypes. Countless play dates and swimming lessons have been interrupted so that our young taste-testers could offer frank feedback to The Mumum Co. team!

How does The Mumum Co. maintain the quality of its products?

We work closely with our suppliers and producers through every aspect of creating The Mumum Co. snacks. After approving the fruits, vegetables and grains, we test our raw materials and finished products at NABL accredited labs. We also ensure that our multi-layer packaging keeps our snacks fresh and ready to eat upon opening.

How do The Mumum Co products last so long without any preservatives?

We use sophisticated technology to package our snacks as soon as they are produced so that they do not come in contact with environmental microbes and moisture. Our processing also removes moisture from the food so that once it is packed, it remains stable and free from any microbes.

Our products last for six months when stored in a clean, dry place. Once opened though, you need to gobble up your snacks right away!

What type of packaging do you use?
All our packaging material is food-grade and BPA free. Each bag is made of a special three-layer laminate, which keeps the food stable and safe. Each of our bags is single-serve portion size – which means, once you open it, gobble it all up right away. Our multi-pack boxes contain multiple bags and are made of recycled, forest-friendly paper.
How and where are your products made?
We make our food in clean, sterile locations across the country. We partner with food manufacturers who share our vision of offering high quality, natural, safe and healthy food to children. All our manufacturing locations are ISO 22000 and FSSAI certified.
How can I find out more about allergies?
We label all our ingredients carefully – please check on the boxes or packages for all our ingredient information. If you know about specific allergens, please do check with your doctor before offering any snacks to your child.
Is your food vegetarian?
Yes! All of our food is 100% vegetarian – look for the green circle on our bags and boxes.
Who is Mumum for?
We believe that if you’re old enough to say “Mumum” then you’re old enough to eat our yummy snacks. To put it another way, our delicious snacks are suitable for all little and not-so-little people above the age of one. In fact, we’ve had plenty of fully-grown daddies and mamas ask us for more Mumum for themselves once they’ve tasted their little people’s snacks!
Why do you use only natural products and ingredients?
Life as a parent is complicated already; we don’t want to complicate it further. It is essential to us that all our labels are “clean” meaning you do not need an advanced degree in food technology to understand what’s inside.
For how long is an opened pack safe and healthy to consume?
Our snacks have absolutely no preservatives. So once you open the bag, eat the yummy snacks right away.
What are The Mumum Co. products you can buy?
Please take a look at the “Yummiest Snacks” section of our website where you will find detailed information on all our products, along with nutritional and ingredient listings.
Where can you find The Mumum Co. products?

We are currently available all over India on amazon.in
In Mumbai: Find us at all Nature’s Basket stores in the city, Hypercity Malad & Vashi, Foodhall Palladium.
In Pune: Find us at all Nature’s Basket and Dorabjee's stores in the city
In Bengaluru: Coming soon to Nature’s Basket and Foodhall.
We are expanding our distribution and reaching new stores every day. So drop us a line on hello@mumumco.com in case you can’t find us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.