What does TheMumum Co. mean?

Named after the universal word that children use for food, The Mumum Co. is a company built on a mother's love and one that embodies the playfulness of a child.

We are also two mums that love a little word play – so “mumum" took on another happy little meaning for us. Get it? Mumum!

How was ourcompany born?

When we became parents, we looked around for healthy, real, yet fun food to feed our children. We soon realised that many parents were in the same boat as ours, with very few trustworthy options available.

Our Story, Snacks for Kids

With love,The Mumum Co.

Our children have been our chief taste-testers through it all and so we know for sure that when the spoonful of flying aeroplanes doesn’t work, our healthy and yummy snacks definitely will. We hope our snacks make you and your child happy.

We believe in supporting each other through this wonderful journey of parenthood and we hope The Mumum Co. does that for you!

meet the Mums!

Our Story

As most parents know, the struggle to feed your child healthy food is a very real one! Farah found a kindred mommy spirit in Shreya who was equally passionate about nutrition and together they built The Mumum Co.


In her previous corporate life, Farah worked in international business at Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. and HR at Godrej Industries. She also spent eight years working with Bain & Company as a management consultant in their New York, London, Madrid and Delhi offices.

Farah has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a joint-degree B.A and B.Sc. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Our Story, Snacks for Kids

Farah is an avid yogi, a student of languages and loves collecting new stamps on her passport.

shreya co-founder at The Mommy Network


Shreya is a co-founder at The Mommy Network and brings to our table her in-depth understanding of the mother and child arena in India. She is also a former management consultant with A.T Kearney, and has spent over 12 years advising companies across India and Asia Pacific.

Shreya has an MBA from INSEAD and MSc. and BSc. Economics degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Shreya is always working on a home improvement project, has new hobbies every month and can usually be found doing something fun in the kitchen aka The Mumum Co. snack lab.

Our Experts

Our Story, Snacks for Kids

Our journey to create The Mumum Company has been supported by a fantastic group of people who have offered their unending support and advice to help us grow (you know who you are!)

We feel very lucky to have some of them on our Advisory Panel guiding us along the way.

Samana Tejani

Samana is the Director of Operations at Gits Food Pvt Ltd. She has an MBA & food science degree from Purdue University. Responsible for all the operations and production at Gits Food, Samana has always readily shared her supply chain & manufacturing knowledge with The Mumum Co. From what ovens we need to where to source vegetables, Samana has the answers!

Vivek Gambhir

Vivek Gambhir is Managing Director & CEO, Godrej Consumer Products Limited. His vast experience in FMCG have made him the perfect mentor over the years. Despite his multiple commitments on various boards and non-profit organisations, Vivek has been unfailingly generous with his time and ideas to us at The Mumum Co.

Nisa Godrej

Nisa Godrej is the Executive Chairperson of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Her keen eye for innovation & design has helped push our creative thinking at The Mumum Co. From recommendations on life-changing business books to consumer usage testing, Nisa has been an invaluable support system and inspiration for us.

Dr. Ajit Gajendragadkar

Dr. Ajit, an MBBS, MD in Paediatrics with a Diploma in Child Health (DCH) is one of Mumbai’s foremost paediatricians. In addition to always being available for our little ones on their rough days, he has also generously shared his expertise and experience on child nutrition with us here at The Mumum Co.